Party Photo Challenge

You'll Need

No sense of embarrassment

How to Play

Split into teams. Each team is given the full list of photo and video challenges. The team to complete the most challenges in 30 minutes is the winner. Award bonus points for the funniest or most creative photos.

Sample Video Dares

I love this one! - Jump up and shout "I love this one" to a song then sing and dance your heart out.
Serenade - Serenade a stranger.
Serenade Her - Get a stranger to serenade the bride-to-be.
Tell me more, tell me more... - Sing your favourite song from Grease.
Oscar Winners - Perform a scene from a movie.
Live Life Like a Musical - Do something ordinary and turn it into a musical.
Quote - Walk up to a guy a say a line from a song as if it's a conversation starter.
Sample Photo Dares
Pretty Boy - Give a guy a makeover, then take his photo.
Officer and a Gentleman - You with a man in uniform.
Huggies - Hugging a doorman.
Tit for Tat - Wearing someone else's hat.
Titanic - Get a photo of you all knee deep in water.
Guns - With the most muscular arms you can find.
Spice Boys Challenge - With 5 guys, one sporty, one posh, one ginger, one baby
and one ginger.