No. 1 Hen Scavenger Hunt

You'll Need

A list of scavenger items

Bags for the teams

Digital cameras or smart phones

How to Play

Split into teams. Each team is given a list of items, a bag to put them in plus a finish time and location to meet up (to be super-organised, have the time, location and your phone number printed on the list, kudos for getting them laminated).

The team to collect the most items and complete the most challenges in the time are the winners. Award bonus marks for the best pictures and items.

Photo challenges should be texted to the adjudicator/games mistress's phone.

Sample Treasure Hunt List

An item of underwear

Photo of the team behind bars

A gentleman's business card (or a hunky guy's phone number, photo please!)

Something tasty

Photo of the team with the best-looking fella

A joke

A foreign coin

A bribe for the judge

Something that reminds them of the bride-to-be